We have put together a list of of most frequent asked questions to ensure your experience at Clacton Family Festival is unforgettable

We have consulted with the local authority with regards to the risk of any noise nuisance to neighbours living close to the festival site. We are enabling you to contact us if you have any noise issues during this event and have set up a special neighbours contact line operational throughout the event opening hours. We have taken advice from the council and from professional sound management companies to ensure we do all that is possible so our event does not impact on people living in the local area.

Contact phone number is 07496751219

Music is kept at safe levels in line with our risk assessment guidelines. Bring ear defenders if you wish.

Babies are free of charge if carried in a sling. All other children require a child ticket.
For non-walking babies, baby slings or carriers are advisable.
Please note parents remain responsible for children at all times.
Children must remain under supervision and we kindly request no running.
All Children under 14 years of age require a child ticket, children 14 years of age and over require an adult Ticket.
Tickets are non-refundable and not to be resold.
Tickets are non-refundable in the highly unlikely event that the show is cancelled through an ‘act of god’ (for example extreme weather conditions) or government ban on public gatherings should any pandemic occur.

Should this happen we will endeavour to offer a new date at a later date but should this not be possible, tickets would be non-refundable as the event has already been paid for prior to the date of the event.
By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to these terms and conditions

There is a buggy park for you to leave your buggy should you wish to, any buggies left are at your own risk, clacton family festival accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged property.

There is a medical first aid centre with qualified staff. Please identify the location on arrival. There are lots of Marshall’s and Security on site who can be alerted to get medical help. If you see anyone unwell please take them to the first aid area. If they are not able to be moved please contact a marshal or member of security as quickly as possible who will call for the necessary help. If you need to take medication regularly remember to bring it and let your friends know of any illness or allergies you may have.

You will be searched at the entrance for illegal items. If found they will be confiscated.
Persons suspected of illegal activity will be searched and may be removed from site.
Do not attempt to bring in illegal substances as you risk a strong chance of being caught.
The following items cannot be brought in to Clacton Family Festival.
No! No offensive weapons
No! No fireworks, flares, laser pens or laser equipment.
No! No animals except guide dogs.
No! No Food is allowed to be brought into the festival. There are lots of food stalls catering
for all tastes. People with specific dietary needs can phone 07713572558 to discuss
No! No liquids, alcohol or any other drink are allowed to be brought into the festival.

Fold up chairs cannot be brought in to the festival. Please respect others. Anti social behaviour could lead to being removed from site.

There are plenty of toilets on site. Please keep toilets clean. Always wash your hands after using the toilets.

There are plenty of bins on site. Please use bins and not the floor.

Keep your valuables safe. Carry money, credit cards, mobile phones, cameras, and anything else of value with you at all times. Don’t leave valuables where people can pick them up.

If you lose anything at Clacton Family Festival please contact us info@clactonfamilyfestival.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can, Please clearly describe the item you have lost and provide your full contact details.

No Food or drink is allowed to be brought into the festival. There are lots of food stalls catering for all tastes. People with specific dietary needs can email info@clactonfamilyfestival.co.uk to discuss requirements. No Liquids, alcohol or any other drink are allowed to be brought into the festival.

Yes we offer free disabled carers tickets. This requires appropriate DLA documentation to be shown on arrival, please email info@clactonfamilyfestival.co.uk.

Yes we offer both cash and contactless cards across the festival site

The festival site is very big and is expecting a great turnout. We advise those of you driving to pre-book a parking ticket in advance.

There is no re entry to the event, if you leave the festival re entry will not be permitted

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